About Us

 VNA501(c)(3) Tempe, AZ

EIN 46-5375278

VelNonArt was founded on a culmination of concepts related to transformative personal and social change, art, ethnoautobiography, social psychology and creativity.  We work to be a part of the development of positive, supportive, and sustainable resources for youth and other communities to evoke a deeper sense of self, community, self-empowerment, and the imagination needed to create a different way of living.

Our mission and focus is on transforming youth and communities through art. By using creativity and socially engaged imagination, VelNonArt works to assist individuals, groups, and organizations with fundraisers, collaborations, and arts based projects that help cultivate self-empowerment and the potential for bringing about transformative social change. Our long-term goals are to provide community-based, sustainable, and transformative projects for individuals and communities.

Simply put, we are about bringing awareness to the issues pertaining to social injustices, empowering individuals from an early age, encouraging them to think for themselves, question those in power, and work to live a meaningful life, as opposed to conforming to the way things are.

Please contact us about the possibility of collaborating on future and upcoming socially engaged art projects.

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