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1st Friday and 3rd Friday - March 2016   PHX, AZ

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The concept Intersections of (-isms) came about from a series of conversations pertaining to the harsh realities of the current state of the world. In the small communities throughout Arizona and on to the national landscape, transformative social change is desperately needed. We felt that providing a community and creative based platform for artists, individuals and groups to share their own unique experiences with discrimination and consciousness in America was something that needed to happen.

We hope you will join us on the 1st & 3rd Fridays in March 2016 to be part of a conversation that has needed to happen for far too long. 


Other Events

Socially Engaged Imagination:
Transformative Training (2015-2016)

In an attempt to connect with students that may be experiencing behavioral, learning, or other educational difficulties, VelNonArt developed an arts based learning model that introduces complicated concepts in a simple way in what is referred to as Transformative Training. Students work with VelNonArt staff on a weekly basis to focus on selected learning models each month.

Information is presented in the form of a brief lecture with a handbook for students to follow along with. A specific topic pertaining to each student’s own individual sense of self is discussed. The content is explained in simple terms for them to grasp for both audio and visual learners. Students are encouraged to participate in a discussion to ask questions, communicate their own interpretations and experience with the subject matter, and ensure that they understand what is being presented. After the lecture portion of each weekly project is presented and discussed, students then respond to the content in their workbook in a written format. The written portion of the project might be a poem, series of question and answers, creative writing, or simply indicating that they have understood and are processing the information presented to them.

The next portion of the weekly projects is the creation of an art project that encapsulates the specific subject matter or content for that week’s topic. Some topics the students have or will be exposed to are: their concept of self, understanding and promoting self-reflection, empathy, and interconnectedness. Each topic was methodically selected to function as a catalyst for self-empowerment to help encourage each student to rethink her choices, behavior, and potential for the future.

After the artistic portion of project is completed each week, often times students will be asked to present their project and what it means to them. Functioning as a very relaxed critique of their work, school instructors and VelNonArt staff members highlight the progress, creativity, and vulnerability that each student openly displays in her artwork. At the same time, over the course of each weekly project, school instructors and staff are able to observe students individually to identify those that may be struggling or not fully able to grasp the subject matter. At that time, more attention and a different approach to the topic is introduced in an effort to assist and accommodate all students regardless of their individual limitations or learning styles.




Williams Way - Fundraiser 5/2015

Community Based - Live Art Event to raise money on behalf of William and his family.