Programming (Youth)


Customized, Holistic, Arts Based -

Transformative Training


Current Workshops -


Young Minds: Cultivating Independent, Interconnected Thinking  

  • Age Level: elementary-high school students
  • 9 month (academic school year)/9 unit workshop
  • Specific content customizable for age group, need and resources available
  • Revolving around the central concepts of rethinking & empowering the self
  • Interactive presentation, art projects, reflection and group discussions


Understanding and Rethinking Social Constructs

  • Age Level: high school students - adults
  • Content specific to demographic, community, group or individual
  • Interactive presentation, reflection and group discussions
  • Self Empowerment
  • Self-Reflection and Empathy
  • Critical Thinking
  • Explore potential areas to introduce alternative methods for problem solving, rethinking limitations, understanding interconnectedness
  • Conceptual Arts Based healing and transformation


Arts Based Healing

  • Combines Art, Psychology & Socially Engaged Imagination to develop unique workshops, exercises, discussions, presentations, and projects intended to assist the practitioner in the process of: healing, recovery, exploring the subconscious and rethinking self-imposed limitations and belief systems.



Please contact for specific programming information, scheduling, ideas, need, and possibilities.